September 6, 2010


I love me some wikipedia.  After all, I am information whore.  I read almost constantly and am always interested in the written word.  My mom yells at her husband for reading almost constantly but I am the same way.
I was told about wikipedia a few years ago from a friend of mine and avoided it for a few weeks because I knew it was going to be a huge time waster.  I was right.  The moment I got on it I feel in love.  So many articles, so many words, so many facts...and of course such a fabulously right wing slant...
I recently read an article on this...slant I mean. I wish I could say I was stunned but I simply was not.
The article can be found here.
It is off of a website called  These people are conspiracy theorists.  They feel the United States government, (besides delivering the mail) is also capable of murdering people who get into positions of power in which they can change things.
I agree with these people.  I am one of them.  I feel that within my lifetime the country has shifted to the right.
I will explain more about this later.
The article deals with the whitewashing of any form of controversy from articles about Lee Harvey Oswald.
Oswald was a controversial figure.  His life is filled with contradictions and problems.  All of which wikipedia has solved for us...thank you so much. Oswald needs to be presented as controversial. One side presents their issues.  The other side presents their issues.  YOU DECIDE.
Wikipedia will have none of that...

And still I love me some wikipedia.
Do you know where Namibia is?
I don't
Now I do...
For this I love wikipedia.
For things I love...I hate wikipedia...

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