September 9, 2010

How I became interested in conspiracy...

I was twelve and in the school library reading about John Kennedy's murder.  In the back of the book was the following paragraph:

"Right after President Kennedy was killed, the Dallas police arrested a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.  The police believed Oswald had killed the President.  But they were not able to find out from him if had done it or why he had done it.  For Oswald himself was killed before he could tell what he knew."
I remember looking at this paragraph and thinking...mmmm that is odd.  I went home and asked my mother about this. She said that this was a controversial killing and there was the possibility of others being involved.  The following Saturday I went to the library and began to research.

For two weeks, I thought Oswald had done it.  Then I read about Bobby Hargis.  He behind Kennedy and to the left.  He was splattered with so much brain tissue that he thought he had been shot.  After that I knew it was a conspiracy and my world had shifted permanently...

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