September 7, 2010

Book Burning

People burning the quran.
People commenting on the burning of the quran.
 "Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people."
                                                               -Heinrich Heine

First of let me say something about the burning of these books.  I am against the burning of almost any book.  I am also proud to live in a society where you are free to burn books if you like.  Just like I am proud to live a society where you are free enough to say burning books is fucked up...especially someone's religious books.
But you go right ahead Pastor Jones...heat your house the Koran...that's awesome.  After all, you are protected by the first amendment.
I think that you do represent a minority in this country.  And your voice should be heard.  One could also this could be a publicity stunt to get more people into your fifty person church.
I, unlike the person writing the anti koran burning live in a society that burns books.  We also burn records...just ask the Dixie Chicks or the Beatles.  We can survive this.  If this were the only incident that would be cool it isn't.
This is part of larger trend where we are trying to see how far to the right we can swing.
How many Tea-Baggers will get elected in the fall?
How many idiots can one country stand serving in government?
Do I think these people are a threat?
Do I think they need to be monitered and fought?
Americans are the same people who allowed Bush in twice...we'll see about November...

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